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A Lincoln Original Since 1933

Leon's HistoryLeon A. Adelson first opened the doors to Leon’s Stop and Shop in 1933. Even then, it was all about the MEAT. The store was located on 13th and South Street and was primarily a butcher shop that happened to sell a few dry goods. In 1937 Sam Davidson began working part time while attending the University of Nebraska. Both Leon and Sam served in WWII so the store was actually closed at that time and then re-opened in a new location in 1945.

In 1952 the store was built in it’s current location in Rathbone Village and it was renamed Leon's Food Mart. In 1956 Leon’s completed a major remodeling project that more than doubled its size and added a delicatessen to the store known as the “Stage Door Deli.” The deli was one of the first delis inside a grocery store in Lincoln.

While Leon and Sam were at the helm, Leon’s was the highest volume grocery store in the state of Nebraska for a time and was featured in several grocery industry publications. At the time they were know for their great customer service, high quality meat department and an excellent assortment of gourmet foods.

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The store’s history is a rich one. There used to be a cartoon booth located in the front of the store that patrons recall from their childhood even today. The movie “Terms of Endearment” was filmed inside the store and went on to win the academy award for best picture in 1983. The store is one of the original sponsors of a Midget Football Team and still is today. GO LEONS!

In 1965 Leon A. Adelson passed away, and Sam became the sole owner until he retired.

In 1998, the store was purchased by long-time employees Chad Winters and Roger (Roy) Toy. Chad has over 22 years of experience working at Leon’s and Roy has over 30 years of meat cutting experience.

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